Products and Services

- Fresh, quality coffee for your foodservice operation.  Brisk Coffee manufactures a wide variety of blends, roasts and pack sizes to accommodate the needs of every foodservice operator:

  • Restaurants

  • Catering

  • Coffee House Cafes, Cafeterias and Kiosks

  • Hotels – In-Room Coffee and Hospitality

  • Health Care – Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Facilities

  • Travel – Airlines, Cruise Lines, Airport Concessions

  • Convenience Stores

  • Contracted Foodservice Companies

  • Military and Government

  • Institutional/Corrections

- Private Label/Proprietary Blend Development – Product Focused Program –  From Start to Finish, we manage the design, development and implementation of your own coffee brand.

- Coffee Program Training. We will train your managers on everything coffee. Proper brew techniques, clean equipment, product rotation, etc., will greatly increase the success of your coffee program. This is a complimentary service we provide for all our customers.

- Signature Coffee Programs Assistance – Service Focused Program – Brisk Coffee designs and launches coffee programs for restaurants, convenience stores, the hospitality industry, the healthcare industry, etc. Kiosk and equipment design and placement, whole bean, varietals, filter pack, signature blends unique to your company also available.

- Espresso Products, Equipment, Supplies and Training -  Espresso is the fastest growing beverage item in the foodservice category.

Until now, it has been difficult for operators to capture this lucrative category. Working with Café Perez will enable operators to capitalize on the popularity of this beverage by providing the tools for success to restaurant chains, coffee house owners, baristas and distributors. Café Perez is also available for retail operators.

- Supply Chain Management through the utilization of our network of logistics specialists provides consistency and accuracy of product throughout your organization.

- National Equipment Service Network. Our Technical Department will handle your coffee brewer service anywhere in the U.S.

- Equipment Purchasing Programs Available


Custom Roasting and Delivery Program

Our ‘Roasted Fresh, Delivered Daily’ model is innovative and unmatched in our industry, allowing you, the foodservice operator, to serve the very freshest, best tasting coffee to your customers. Every coffee bean is a different size, shape, color and density, and requires a different application of heat and timing to unleash the full potential of a bean's flavor. Variables such as air temperature and humidity can affect each roast. To achieve optimum flavor, our highly skilled master roaster closely monitors, and makes adjustments to each batch using the latest computerized roasters, thus ensuring the highest quality and consistency.

Our factory direct, next-day custom delivery programs offer a wide range of order options to accommodate your needs. Other delivery options include distributor, coffee service or LTL/truckload options. 

Roasting Coffee Since 1968

We believe that the best coffee is created through a partnership of Old World Craftsmanship and New Age Technology.

With these guiding principals in mind, we follow a simple rule that other coffee companies cannot match:

We don’t roast a single bean, until you place your order.

This means that your coffee is as fresh as it can possibly be. The flavor of coffee peaks after roasting and then diminishes over time, even in a sealed bag, and very quickly once exposed to air, light, and moisture. So the sooner you can enjoy your beans after roasting, the better your coffee will taste.


The Brisk Difference

It was January 2005, and green coffee prices were soaring. In an effort to continue to bring value and quality to our customers, our Management team analyzed our business model and determined that a large percentage of our overhead costs were directly related to delivering coffee, our production methodology, and inventory control. The costs of managing and maintaining our own Direct-Store-Delivery service via route trucks cost, on a per-pound basis, was as much as the coffee itself. We also discovered we could drastically reduce production costs by eliminating company debt, increased capacity, and modified our plant by adopting a just-in-time manufacturing practice.



   Roasted Fresh,
          Delivered Daily

So, we made a very bold move. We discontinued the use of our own cargo vans for coffee delivery, and partnered with UPS, the best and most efficient delivery service in the World. This move significantly cut our delivery costs, so we passed those savings on to you.

With our new Business Model, which we call ‘Roasted Fresh, Delivered Daily’, our customers now have total control over their coffee programs. They can order, and receive their coffee whenever they want, even every day if they want. Because our customers are no longer slaves to the schedule of their coffee delivery truck, they manage their own inventory and are never victims of backorders, short orders, or product substitutions.

Our customers still enjoy the benefits of a full-service coffee program by receiving equipment support and repair, billing and accounts receivable services, 24/7 access to Customer Service, and the personal service only an independently owned roaster of our size and scope can provide.

Here’s the best part. Any culinary expert will tell you that the key to quality is freshness. Our business model ensures that Brisk Coffee customers receive the freshest coffee available on the market today, with the product offerings and service they need to run a successful foodservice operation.

In addition, we moved to a new location, re-designed our plant, increased production capacity significantly, and greatly improved manufacturing processes. With our old plant, we were just like every other coffee roaster that roasted large amounts of coffee, held it in inventory, sent it to distributors where it sat for extended periods of time before the end user actually ordered and received it. You see, what you may not know is once the coffee is roasted and ground, it begins to lose freshness.

With just-in-time manufacturing, we roast, grind, package, and ship the coffee to your facility the day you place your order. This means you receive your coffee within days of the roasting cycle, not weeks. No other coffee roaster can deliver on this promise.

It is also important to note that we currently operate at a zero debt load. This enables us to use our capital to make strategic purchases in raw materials and investments in our business to move successfully into the future.

We are very proud of the heritage our founder, Richard Perez, has instilled in our company. At Brisk Coffee, Quality, Freshness, and Pride is always our guide.


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