Profit Center

Our Business Model Slashes Our Overhead…we pass the savings on to you. By partnering with BRISK Coffee, you can cut your coffee costs, while serving up a better, fresher cup of coffee! Here’s how:

* Green Coffee is a publicly traded commodity. So whether you’re a small independent roaster buying one bag, or a multi-national roaster buying millions of bags, the cost per pound of Green Coffee is the same.

* At the time this site was updated, Coffee was trading at about $2.70 per pound for Central Standard Arabica Coffee. When you add in processing, packaging and labor the cost for 1-pound rises to about $3.55. The larger expense comes in DELIVERING the coffee.

* The difference in costs lies in the distribution.  Fuel, repairs, insurance, labor, technology, etc. costs to operate route trucks and distributor trucks greatly increase what the customer pays for a pound of coffee.  Typically these costs add an average of $2.00 per pound.

* By roasting to order, and shipping via UPS, we have eliminated the cost of truck delivery and have passed those savings on to you.  Brisk Coffee Roasters customers get the freshest, highest quality coffee delivered to their door at significant savings!