Freshest Coffee

Roasted Fresh, Delivered Daily

It was January 2005, and green coffee prices were soaring. In an effort to continue to bring value and quality to our customers, our Management team analyzed our business model. We determined that a large percentage of our overhead costs were directly related to delivering coffee. For example, our production methodology and inventory control. The costs of managing and maintaining our own Direct-Store-Delivery service via route trucks cost, on a per-pound basis, was as much as the coffee itself. We also discovered we could drastically reduce production costs by eliminating company debt, increased capacity, and modified our plant by adopting a just-in-time manufacturing practice. Continue reading about our freshest coffee.

So, we made a very bold move. We discontinued the use of our own cargo vans for coffee delivery, and partnered with UPS, the best and most efficient delivery service in the World. This move significantly cut our delivery costs, so we passed those savings on to you.

Our new Business Model, we call ‘Roasted Fresh, Delivered Daily’ is our proud strategy. Essentially, our customers now have total control over their coffee programs. They can order, and receive their coffee whenever they want, even every day if they want. Because our customers are no longer slaves to the schedule of their coffee delivery truck, they manage their own inventory and are never victims of backorders, short orders, or product substitutions.

Our customers still enjoy the benefits of a full-service coffee program by receiving equipment support and repair. Plus, the billing, accounts receivable services, and 24/7 access to Customer Service. In addition, the personal service only an independently owned roaster of our size and scope can provide.