4 Steps to Expanding Your Coffee Program With Cold Brew

How to Add Cold Brew to Your Commercial Coffee Program

4 Steps to Expanding Your Coffee Program With Cold Brew

If you are considering adding cold brew to your coffee program, you might have asked yourself, What is cold brew? Isn’t it just coffee with ice in it? Cold brew connoisseurs will probably scoff and relate the benefits of cold brew to you. Okay, so it’s different than regular ice coffee. Now how can you add it to your coffee repertoire? Here are some ideas:

1. Keep Your Employees and Guests Happy

Adding cold brew to your commercial coffee program is one way to keep your employees on the property at break time. Knowing that you offer cold brew will also let guests know that they don’t need to go down the street to pick up their new favorite beverage because you offer it right there. One of the benefits of cold brew is that you actually carry cold brew. It’s the little things that help keep morale afloat, and if adding cold brew to your coffee program can do that, go for it! It’s easy to sign up for a coffee program or add cold brew to your existing one.

2. Offer Free Samples

Free samples can bring customers running like nothing else. Let all potential customers try your cold brew in several of its delicious flavors to let them know it is now an everyday offering. Word of mouth will spread, and you might hear conversations throughout your restaurant, hotel, or hospital about cold brew vs regular coffee or cold brew aficionados and newbies discussing the benefits of cold brew.

3. Change Flavors Periodically

Cold brew comes in basically any flavor that regular coffee comes in. Some favorite choices are vanilla, mocha, and hazelnut. You can get creative if you so desire or ask customers what they’d like to see. You might consider keeping a basic cold brew recipe in house for everyday and switching up the flavors once in a while. You’ll know pretty soon what your customers like best.

4. Let Your Customers Know the Benefits of Cold Brew

Put a sign up that can be changed every day or so that tells a benefit of drinking cold brew. Maybe your customers don’t realize that there might be something to this cold brew trend other than it tastes good. Note possible health benefits like lowering risk of heart disease, diabetes type 2, or other diseases. It might give your metabolism a boost. It might only give customers a reason to try a new flavor of cold brew and live on the edge.

Cold brew has less acid and less caffeine than regular coffee. This is what many coffee drinkers are looking for without losing great taste. The coffee bean of choice for cold brew is usually dark beans that contribute to its unique flavor.

We have more ideas on how you can integrate cold brew into your commercial coffee program. Call, email, or fax us today at Brisk Coffee Roasters USA to learn more ways your coffee program can keep up with the changing coffee trends. Ask us about how you can sign up for a commercial coffee program if you aren’t already on board.

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