How Can a Coffee Program Boost Hotel Customer Experience?

Love your morning cup of joe? Well, you’re not alone. 62% of Americans drink coffee every day, and of those at least three cups per day are standard. For coffee lovers, the best days start with a great cup of coffee. The benefits are numerous, but at this stage, an energetic cup of coffee is the only way to get through the day for so many of us.

coffee program

coffee program

Great coffee can be carefully sourced, roasted, and delivered to your hotel, but that’s really only the beginning of the story. A coffee program can boost this critical part of your hotel customer experience to make sure that each step of service hits all the marks for your guests.

The Ubiquitous Drip Coffee

From the early morning hours to late at night, a drip coffee made with fresh ground coffee is the cornerstone of a great coffee service. Commercial coffee programs from coffee distributors in Florida give your staff the ability to perfect their serving technique.

Essential elements such as water quality and temperature, brewer maintenance, and overall cleanliness ensure each cup of coffee served in your hotel is of the highest quality.

Quality commercial coffee programs don’t just end with service at the breakfast buffet or bar either. In-room machines can make or break the experience as well. Coffee roasters in Tampa, Florida can provide you with a private label coffee blend and even roasts according to custom requirements. This means your guests get the best coffee experience without the need for a barista at each step.

Special Coffee Drinks Worth Talking About

Guests love to hear about the history of the coffee, where it comes from, and if it’s locally roasted coffee. A specialty coffee that’s Instagram-worthy can be a big part of why guests come to your hotel in the first place.

Demand for specialty coffee drinks like cold brew, flavored coffee, and even carbonated sparkling iced coffees is on the rise. It can also be one of the most profitable parts of your hotel coffee offering.

That popularity can be overwhelming and is a big reason why professional training for your hotel coffee program is so important. Trained coffee professionals can start innovation on new beverages, solve task management issues, and help you sell more products with their conversational coffee knowledge.

Espresso Just Like in Italy

Espresso is considered a fine art by some, and like any art, it needs to be mastered. Staff in charge of coffee creation can better manage the process with training from coffee pros. While coffee might be just one of the many roles your staff needs to be versed in, professional training from someone who lives and breathes coffee can make a huge difference.

Think, increased efficiency, quality control, and better customer education. All of these can contribute to the bottom line of your hotel.

Better trained staff also means that you avoid costly mistakes to expensive equipment. With all the blending, grinding, and frothing going on, it’s important your staff know what they’re doing and how to troubleshoot time-wasting issues.

A Great Hotel Coffee Program Delivers Results

There are many reasons why we drink coffee—to satisfy a craving, as a mid-afternoon pick me up, or as a way to improve performance.

When considering coffee distributors in Tampa FL, many do just that: Coffee delivery in Tampa. If you want a solid hotel coffee program that boosts the customer experience, seek out a fresh coffee company that’s willing to partner with you.

For more on coffee program benefits and news from Tampa coffee roasters, head to our blog.

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