Commercial Coffee Programs: 5 Ways to Increase Coffee Sales

An average of 400 million cups of coffee are enjoyed every day in the United States. With so many people¬†purchasing the beverage, it’s important to put effort into your coffee sales and marketing.

Commercial coffee programs are essential to keeping customers happy, but how do you boost your coffee sales? Keep reading for five tips that are sure to help.

1. Invest in Your Baristas and Coffee Quality

Your baristas are one of the most important parts of the coffee experience. If they aren’t trained well, the coffee quality will suffer and you’ll lose customers.

Offer in-depth barista training for all of your employees and focus on hiring baristas who are friendly and professional. When your employees see you investing in them, they’ll be more motivated to do a great job.

Just like with baristas, if you don’t invest in high-quality coffee, customers will notice. It might be a little more costly, but the difference is easy to taste.

2. Offer Limited-Time Specials

Specials are a great way to draw in new customers. Many people worry that offering specials or discounts leads to lost money, but this isn’t true! Not only do people tend to buy more when they’re offered a special, but they’re much more likely to return soon.

Consider offering a limited-time deal, such as any size cup of coffee for a super discounted price or buy one drink, get the second half off.

3. Start a Loyalty Program

Looking for a way to establish repeat customers? Loyalty programs are your path to success.

It’s said that three-quarters of customers prefer companies that have a rewards program. Since most of a company’s business comes from return customers, a loyalty program is a win for both you and your buyers.

Create a simple loyalty program where customers can earn points to use on things like a free cup of coffee or discounted food items.

4. Host Events

Holding events at your fresh coffee company is a great way to get new people interested in what you have to offer.

Host a poetry reading, trivia night, or concert to create a fun atmosphere for both new and returning customers. If people come in to watch a show or peruse art, they’ll be much more likely to purchase a cup of coffee to enjoy while there.

5. Use Social Media to Attract Customers

If your coffee program doesn’t have a social media account, it’s time to create one.

Whether it’s through Facebook, Instagram, or even TikTok, social media is a free and easy way to generate interest in your business. You can promote loyalty programs and specials, show off new products, and post details about events. By posting regularly, you’re sure to attract new customers.

Keep Coffee Fresh With Commercial Coffee Programs

Commercial coffee programs are the perfect way to ensure your customers have reliable, fresh coffee that tastes great. But how do you know which coffee program to choose?

If you’re looking for Tampa coffee roasters, Brisk Coffee is the answer. As an experienced coffee roaster that offers many different services and the freshest coffee, we’re here to help you serve your customers the best of the best.

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