Sell, Sell, Sell: Tips to Help Your Service Staff Serve Coffee in your Restaurant

Building a profitable beverage program is about more than just setting up supply and updating your menu. Start yourself on the path to success with these tricks for your service staff to use on the floor. Continue reading to learn how to up-sell coffee.

You’ve ordered your first case of coffee, have your brewer installed, and braved the intricacies of inventory management to get your system up and running. Now what? Having these things is all well and good. But to profit off of your investment you have to actually make sales. And to maximize your beverage sales, you’re going to need your salespeople. This means your servers and baristas need to step up to the plate.

Proper training is crucial to setting your team up for success. Here are a few good touch-points to have them begin working into their sales routine.

Shot of a young barista serving a cup of coffee to a customer in a cafe representing your coffee service staff

Tips to Help Your Service Staff sell Coffee:

Familiarize service staff with your brews

Your team should be knowledgeable about all of the offerings on your menu, and that includes your drinks. In a team meeting, let your staff try the coffee, and give them descriptions of the flavor profile that they can work into their sales pitch. Brisk Coffee Roasters offers flavor profiles of each brand and can assist with helping your staff learn about the coffee they are serving.

Ask and you shall receive

A slightly less important point for businesses that offer bottomless mugs, but a valuable one for the customer experience nonetheless: make sure your staff is keeping an eye on the levels of their customers’ drinks. For example, when they see that coffee is running low, prompt them to ask the customer if they would like another cup. It reinforces that your staff is being attentive to customer needs and keeping the coffee in the cup hot increases the drinking enjoyment of the customer.

Selling Coffee Softly

Selling coffee should flow naturally into your steps of service. In fact, it should be the first item they offer customers and the last time they offer when dessert is mentioned.

With these tips you can start yourself on track to a profitable beverage program and increased customer satisfaction.

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