A Brief History of BRISK: Measure Twice, Grind Once

In this first installment of Measure Twice, Grind Once, we look at ourselves! Where we came from, what we do, and why we do it. Continue reading to learn a brief history of Brisk Coffee Roasters USA…

representing a brief history of brisk coffee roasters

History of BRISK:

The history of BRISK Coffee Roasters starts in 1968 by Richard Perez, the Founder. With a single delivery van, a 100-pound batch roaster, and a passion for coffee, Perez got to work. BRISK has since gone on to stand shoulder to shoulder with industry giants. Our products can be found throughout the US. For example, we supply to hotels, cafes, restaurants, cruise lines, medical buildings, and airports. Essentially, we supply just about anywhere you can find a good cup of joe.

While the scale of our operations has changed over the last 40 odd years, that initial passion and drive that brought us to these heights have not waned in the slightest. We are dedicated to producing the freshest, most flavorful coffee and backing it up with world class customer service.



Our facility is still based in Historic Ybor City, an area of Tampa known for its deep ties to the Cuban community. While many ties bind this community together, coffee is one of the foremost. Imagine this for a moment. Stepping out into the street in the early hours of the day. Smelling the rich scent of freshly roasted beans wafting through on the breeze.

The gentle murmur of conversation as you sit in your familiar place at the local cafe, the feeling of rising anticipation as your server draws closer with that sturdy looking mug and a smile. The steam hitting your face as you bring the mug to expectant lips, the twinge of pain as you burn your tongue on the first over enthusiastic sip. The intoxicating aroma, the rich flavors, and the gentle buzz of caffeine shaking off the last bits of sleep. This is the cradle where we were raised, and it is to the fulfillment of this simple pleasure that we dedicate our craft.


What We Do:

While we stay close to home, we’ve outgrown our cradle considerably. In 2010 we moved to a new facility, completely redesigned our approach to production, and increased our capacity and production potentials. This step was a risky one, but a necessary one to ensure we could continue to provide our customers with the very best coffee money can buy. You see as every aficionado knows, coffee begins to rapidly lose flavor after the roast. Exposure to light or air, or just a long period of time in storage can vastly degrade the flavor. This can happen to even an unground bean.

With most coffee roasters, they produce their product en mass, where it sits in warehouses before delivering to distributors. Once delivered to distributors it will continue to sit in more warehouses before finally reaching the end user. BRISK used to follow a similar business model, but thanks to our new and improved facilities, we have been able to adopt a new one. Our Just-in-time business model is designed to get freshly roasted beans into the hands of end users as quickly as possible. In fact, we roast every batch of beans to order, pack, and ship them out all on the same day. We work with our customers to develop a delivery system and support them with our years of experience as a national level food supplier.


Our Services: 

Our high quality customer interactions don’t end after delivery however, as we offer a number of services to clients of all sizes. From developing your own proprietary blend of beans, to advice on machine maintenance, to helping our customers develop their own approach to beverage service, we stand behind our products and those that use them. Our love of coffee extends to all parts of the experience, not just the beverage itself. We have the dedication to help you provide the experience your customers deserve.

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